A Family Legacy

Family is an important part of business at Romero Jewelers. We are a local family owned and operated business. Our leader, Kay, builds personal relationships with our customers, creating an extended family and strong sense of community.  We love to hear proposal stories, create family heirlooms and check on jewelry we've made in the past. 

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to create a very special piece for a customer and her family. This necklace, pictured above, contains several beads, each representing one of her grandchildren. Each bead is embellished with a birthstone of each of her great-grandchildren. These beads will eventually be passed on to each grandchild.

This project truly embodies what our work is all about. As Kay carves at her workbench, she focuses on capturing the purpose of the jewelry in every piece. We know how precious these pieces will be to you and we make them with just as much care in mind. We love creative ways to honor your families. It is a privilege to work on pieces like this and we cherish the opportunity as much as you will cherish your custom piece.

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