Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind pieces for life's special moments. Custom design your wedding bands with the help of master artist Kay Frances so that you will be sure to create a piece that is as special and unique as your love for one another.




From the early 70’s Romero's produced designs that are still prize today. The style has changed from organic to more refined custom designs. We call it the Southwest collection because of the gold and diamond rings adorned with semi-precious turquoise from around the cooper mines of the southwest like Bisbee or Morause. These are designs made with the inspiration of southwestern flavor and colors.


"I don’t think about love as a production piece, I see love as a lifelong pursuit and if you do it correctly you are rewarded with small victories along the way. I appreciate the simple forms of love and expressions. I feel the organic emotion of sincere love.  I pour my love into your item for good prosperity and good health. I think it is important to find something that speaks to your heart to show and demonstrate the occasion you are celebrating.  I know when I hear your wishes and desires for a transformative piece of art depicted by a ring or a bracelet, or a necklace made from the words you used to inspire me each time I can feel that I am the messenger of your expression of love and devotion. Your expression doesn’t need to be expensive to be real."- Master designer Kay Frances