February Newsletter

Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018

Thank you to everyone who helped us to be successful 2017. We are increasing our own goals for 2018 to help more people achieve the ultimate satisfaction from what a custom piece of jewelry can bring as a family heirloom, or let us create a new piece out of your current family heirloom.

We want all our customers new and old to come in for a free cleaning and jewelry inspection. So make your New Year’s resolution to come by for a free cleaning and polish. Allow us to give you continued support and service.

Giving Back

Romero Jewelers & K Frances Designs participated in helping our community by raising money for the annual Cherry & Silver Gala. A Ballon ride was provided by one of our favorite clients.

Find out how you can help with your donation to the Cherry & Silver student Athlete Scholarship Fund..

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by people of all ages, a time to show your affection and appreciation for those you love. Love can be displayed in many forms, a custom piece of jewelry is one. Come in and create a one of a kind, personalized engagement ring or promise ring for your love! Give us a call at (505) 293-6901 to set up an appointment to start creating a custom piece from your heart, your special someone.


In this new experience with social media, we are requesting testimonials, positive reviews and we are offering a drawing every month. All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter, and provide us with referrals. Email addresses of your friends or family.

” I was told not to worry, that my wife’s needs and desires would be delivered. With that reassurance, those words removed a huge weight off my shoulders. My daughter and I wanted to surprise my wife with a sentimental ring from her mother that she had lost. This was a vast undertaking because we had to describe something we saw to Kay who had never seen the ring. I was happy when I picked up the custom diamond ring, however, it didn’t bring that overwhelming smile on my wife’s face, the exact opposite, she wept. I didn’t know what to do. When I called Romero’s Jewelers I heard “don’t worry about it, your wife’s needs and desires are our main concern”. My wife met with Kay the artist of K Frances Designs and she brought in a picture. In this picture was the ring that she wanted. In a few weeks, the story changed when she received a duplication of her mother’s ring, with some great new diamonds. Thank you for your effort on our behalf. My family will be forever grateful for the generous treatment and commitment to excellence.”

Local DDS
“I wanted to give the woman I love a custom ring from a local designer that I heard my parents speak about. I hired Romero Jewelers home of Kay Frances Designs. The design was simple yet complicated, with two channels of turquoise inlays and diamonds. The ring design was a surprise. This makes the communication between the designer and the purchaser even more difficult. Kay is amazing she not only sculpted what I had in mind, but she also sculpted out the second design. To my amazement, the second design hit it out of the park. The transformative wax design is one thing but the finished product, OMG, and a GIA certificate center diamond and additional paved diamonds along the two curved channels and gem quality turquoise made the combination amazing. The European shank makes the entire package uniquely ours. The diamonds and the local New Mexico design are in complete harmony.”

    Balloon Crew
“The land of enchantment is full of magic artistry and color. We have always loved the state of New Mexico. K. Frances Designs brought this element out and into my formal wedding ring with a perfect and elegant taste of turquoise and diamonds. We also had made matching white gold bands designed with a fluid stream of turquoise and, in mine a few diamonds. K. Frances Designs was everything I thought a custom jeweler would be. Kay was extremely generous with her time and effort to give me the experience of a lifetime. The experience was unique and exclusive with high-quality artistry and satisfying support. Thank you, Kay.”

Kind regards,
Your friends at Romero Jewelers